January 11

The In-Between


Genesis 30:25-31:55

Genesis 31:3 “Then the Lord said to Jacob, Return to the land of your father and grandfather and your relatives there, and I will be with you.’”


Have you ever been in the middle of a family drama? Drama was Jacob’s middle name. He was often involved with big family issues involving trickery, jealousy, and money. But even these distractions did not derail God’s plans for him.

When we think of Jacob, stories from his early life and his later life as a father often come to mind. Rarely do people remember the story from today’s reading because it seems like an “in- between” story, a non-pivotal time in his life, but it wasn’t. During this season, God was preparing and molding Jacob for the future. He was learning to hear God’s voice and obey His commands.

Do you feel like you’re stuck in an “in-between” moment of life? Though nothing big or life- changing may be happening to you right now, don’t waste this season. Like Jacob, God is always with you. He wants to use this time to shape you into the person He created you to be!


Dear God, Thank You for the “in-between” seasons. Help me to trust Your plans and grow me into the person You made me to be! Amen.

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